Technology & Accessibility: Where We Are and Where We’re going (SPACE4 Discussion Event)

Hello again :grinning:

I met many of you at the CoTech in Glasgow last November. I’m Natasha the new Events person at SPACE4/Outlandish! I started in October and I have been organising lots of events for this year. I completely forgot to put them up here so I am starting to do that now with our February events.

We’ve restarted our SPACE4 discussions where we invite 3 speakers to talk on a contemporary issue for 15 mins each. This is the link to the eventbrite for the second one in February (Tue 28):
Technology and Accessibility: Where We Are & Where We’re going

Fellow Co-Tech members Maria from Agile Collective and Szczepan from Animorph will be speaking as well as someone with lived experience of using assistive technologie for their dyslexia/dyspraxia/Irlen Syndrome.

It’s pretty informal and we had a really nice atmosphere at our January events on the Climate Crisis and Activism. Please do share in relevant networks or if you’re in the London area come along yourself. We’re asking for a £5 deposit but I can register you for free if you email You can also check out our ongoing events programme here. We’re trying to put on 2 of these a month.

*I’m working on more online events so we can invite you all to join us from across the country. More on that soon!