Tech co-ops and COVID-19 solidarity

We work remotely for Autonomic and so it’s business as usual for us. However we’re taking some time out to work on solidarity projects for local mutual aid groups supporting with tech skills and other stuff.

Are any other CoTech coops doing similar work? I’m sure there are.

We’re going to make it through this!


Great stuff!

At we are putting our Discourse skills to use setting up private forums for clinician communications and collaboration, knowledge sharing and peer support. One was requested in the UK and another one in New Zealand.


We are going to make it through this. The values we hold of solidarity and cooperation are what is needed right now. Let’s help as we can.

We (Common Knowledge) are doing some volunteering around making sure this list of Mutual Aid groups keeps updated.

It is curated by this group who are trying to work at a national level -

We’ve written some scripts to sync it with our own deprecated but still being shared Airtable version. In time we will be mapping this is it is useful.

We are also syncing from Freedom’s list.

Happy to share these tools when I’ve documented them a little more.

Of course a great source is


There’s a safeguarding training for Mutual Aid Networks hosted by the National Food Service on Tuesday at 6.30pm, zoom details will be announced nearer the time, this is the FB link for the event.

I’m really heartened to see lots of community-led action, pivoting panic to solidarity is fundamental. And thanks for this thread :slight_smile:


Hi from Toronto :wave: At Hypha we’ve just begun having this conversation (see: we’re looking to offer support locally (mostly calls/chatting) for folks transitioning abruptly to remote working but also want to ensure we support broader mutual aid/solidarity initiatives.

Looks like we’re just at the beginning of the curve here so mostly trying to stay responsive and pay attention to what needs bubble up.


I think it would be good if the coops used to remote working were very “loud” about their practices, as other businesses should be.

Think this will be very helpful to others making this transition.


Great work, I picked this up via social media yesterday and have joined a 200+ strong mutual aid group for Bethnal Green and St Peter’s wards in Tower Hamlets


See also the great stuff I’ve mentioned here:

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I’ve been motivated by the role of other coops in the coronavirus mutual aid in the UK… e.g., Common Knowledge connecting technologists/designers to projects: and a b-corp, Social Change Agency starting up an open collective to help provide a fiscal host to informal collectives

My coop did make a short resource, for now about our experience as a remote organization, and offers our self-hosted infrastructure (videoconferencing): while we think on further ways to support


NZ Open Source Society has been running a number of services using various free code server packages, with hosting provided gratis by, and has been offering gratis use of these services to those affected by COVID-19:

Note particularly the instance of Big Blue Button, which I’ve heard from a number of quarters performs significantly better for voice/ video conferences than self-hosted Jitsi Meet. Anyone is welcome to drop into the Community Room mentioned in the link above to give it a quick test. That room is hosted by Dave, NZOSS President, who lurks in it whenever he is online. If you want to schedule a group test, let me know, and I can create a temporary private room for that.