StirToAction website problems

When i try to look at the StirToAction website, I keep getting a re-direct & block by the DNS used by my ISP.

I don’t know where to find them on Mastodon, so i distastefully logged in to Twitter to shout them via their Twitter channel, but had no reply.

If anyone here has a contact for them, could you give them a shout to check what is going on. :smiley:

This sounds like a problem with you ISP not the Stir to Action site?

According to the ORG blocked site the only block is:

  • OpenDNS Family Shield

Stir to Action should raise this with OpenDNS.

If you use Firefox does it work when you enable DoH?

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TY for your help. :smiley:

I’ve not used DoH before. :smiley:

Another rabbithole to explore. :smiley:

I’ll also give a shout to my ISP.

Edit: The DoH suggestion worked. :smiley:

Now to sit on hold for my ISP. :smiley:

I expect your ISP won’t stop using the OpenDNS Family Shield DNS over this, best ask OpenDNS to unblock the site.

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Just off the phone with my ISP’s tech-support team. :smiley:

“We’ll look at the problem…”

They probably won’t change from OpenDNS, but it’s not the first time that they’ve had this complaint about other websites, so they already know who to call. :smiley:

Also, i emailed StirToAction, with the details of what i found. :smiley:

Also, is a useful tool that i didn’t know existed. :smiley:

TY :smiley:


StirToAction’s web team are on the case. :smiley:

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