Steal this Show podcast: Loomio: Rebuilding Our Cultural OS, with Rich Bartlett

This is worth a listen, Jamie King and Rich Bartlett having a broad ranging discussion about organising, democracy and software:

In this episode I met up with with Loomio’s Rich Bartlett to discuss the relationship of software to social change — how platforms like Facebook and Slack embed coded ideas about how people should relate to and interact with each other, and how Loomio is trying to design for new modes of interaction and consensus springing up in and around the social movements.

We discuss how a truly decentralised, horizontally organized society might look and talk through Loomio’s attempts to build the software to power it. Finally, we talk about how to upgrade what Rich calls our ‘cultural operating system’. Where does change really start: with our social organization, with our software or with ourselves?

It is also on YouTube: