State of the Co-op Cloud 2023

Co-op Cloud launched a public beta in May 2022 and has seen a lot of interest from hosters, hackers and end-users. We are currently in the process of forming our organisational model which help us make decisions collectively and work towards financial stability.

In this talk, we share an update on where we’re at, how we got there and where we hope to go in 2023. If you’re looking for an overview of the project without diving in to the technical weeds, then this might be for you!

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Are you aware of CHATONS in France? (and I believe there are other organisations in other European countries, with similar goals?)

As an outsider I’d say that there seems to be similarities with Coop-Cloud? Are there possibilities for federation?

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@calummackervoy yep, I put CHATONS in my slides there somewhere towards the end. I was around when was kicking off, which was more or less designed to be the not french speaking CHATONS (we had a call with members of CHATONS at one of the initial meetings). AFAIR the hope was to interface these two networks at some level which was convenient and try to pool resources. Librehosters ran into it’s own problems sadly… now we’re doing Co-op Cloud! I’m very much up for joining forces, we’re working to form our own federation atm… you’re all welcome to get stuck in!

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