SPACE4 Event - How Can Ordinary People Build a Better Economic System?

How Can Ordinary People Build a Better Economic System?

Thu 20 Jul 2023 at 18:30 | Eventbrite

Increasingly society is recognising major flaws in our capitalist economy and is mobilising behind new ideas. At SPACE4 we are very excited about this. In fact, SPACE4 itself is a worker cooperative and the result of Islington Council pursuing more local and equitable economic values. The cooperative movement has always questioned the heart of our economic model, ‘homo economicus’ - the rational economic person who cares only about increasing their material wealth and always follows incentives to do so. For us and many others, this concept feels untrue. Ordinary people pursue much more than wealth so the economy should be about much more than money.

But how can we change our system? Capitalism and its values can feel so entrenched and inescapable. At this SPACE4 discussion event we bring together three speakers working to empower ordinary people for a better economic system.

This is a SPACE4 discussion event where we invite speakers to discuss and debate topics around tech for good, progressive economics, and left-leaning politics.

Drinks and refreshments provided. We are grateful to be funded by the Disrupt Foundation.


Yasmin Mahmoudi works within the Inclusive Economy and Jobs team at Islington Council. Her and Florrie Cole will offer an insight into Community Wealth Building, which is a people-centred approach to local economic development, and a way for anchor institutions, such as the council, to tackle economic inequality and build an economy that meets the needs of people and places.

Fatima Iftikhar is programme director at People’s Economy.

Last speaker TBC
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