SPACE4 Carbon Calculators Event (Outlandish + Creative Coop Speaking)

Hey everyone,

We’ve got another in-person discussion event** happening in SPACE4 next Wednesday evening (29 March 6:30pm). We’ll be talking about Carbon Calculators. There’ll be 3 speakers (2 Co-Tech members!!), talking for 15 minutes each followed by a bit of a discussion. We’ll be hearing from:

  • :arrow_forward: Polly Robbins from Outlandish and Alex Moate from Islington’s Digital Comms team will speak about the carbon calculator that Outlandish made for Islington Council.

  • :arrow_forward: Ben Hopkins from Islington Sustainability Network will bring his expertise in designing both personal and organisational carbon footprinting tools.

  • :arrow_forward: And Ben Philp from Creative Coop, another tech cooperative in our network, will speak about a Farm Carbon Calculator they designed and the future of these tools in the food and farming sectors.

Hope to see some of you. Registration on Eventbrite:
(If you prefer not to pay the £5 deposit I can register you for free at

**We’re working on a way of livestreaming our events, stay tuned.