Space 5 Gateshead

@KingMob shared a crowd funder for a new health/catering co-op Tanpopo Kitchen in Gateshead (Tanpopo Recipe Boxes - a Food and Drink crowdfunding project in Newcastle Upon Tyne by Tanpopo Cooperative)

The crowd funder mentioned Tanpopo Kitchen’s ambition of starting a co-operative space like Space 4 in Gateshead, hopefully with support from Gateshead Council. I contacted Tanpopo Kitchen because I thought that making this an effort with CoTech is a better approach. Obviously there are those of us from Code-Operative based in Gateshead, we’re interested, but I wanted to post this here

  • to seek consent
  • to invite interest and involvement from others in our community



Hey yes this is great :slight_smile: I did have a conversation with Savannah and I sent them some of our documents to copy. Gonna touch base again now to see if we can help any more and show solidarity. I’ve just Tweeted about the crowdfunder and will keep an eye out on the campaign to help promote it too.


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