SolidFund application for Wortley Hall

We’ve opened discussion of a proposal for a £3,000 grant from SolidFund to help offset the costs of Wortley Hall - with a particular emphasis on broadening participation from members of CoTech for whom the proposed costs are a barrier.

The timeline of this proposal is:

  • Monday 30th October discussion opens
  • Friday 3rd November discussion closes and proposal is made. Voting on proposal opens.
  • Friday 10th voting closes and a decision is made.

The SolidFund manual talks more about the process.

If you are a member of SolidFund please consider getting involved in the discussion to shape this proposal and vote on it when it is raised.

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Thanks so much for sorting this out @chrislowis - is the idea that we ask what discounts people need and take those first, and then put whatever is left towards facilitation?

nice one @chrislowis!

@harry - details still need to be worked out but we have the planning meeting on Friday so I think we can devote some time to making that happen.

Our application for £3,000 was successful! I posted the following outcome on the SolidFund Loomio thread:

Thank you to everyone for your support and questions. The proposal received unanimous agreement from 25% (36/142) of the eligible members of the SolidFund Loomio group. My understanding of the handbook (§8.6-§8.8) is that this is sufficient for the proposal to pass given that it isn’t proposing a change to SolidFund rules.

This is great news for CoTech and our attempt to broaden participation in the retreat. Based on the suggestions and questions in the thread I’ll make sure two things happen:

I’ll arrange for a short presentation about SolidFund at the event (and some additional online communications) with the aim of getting as many members of CoTech as possible to join.
I’ll make sure outcomes from the retreat are shared back in this thread after the event.
As mentioned in the proposal, CoTech do not have a central legal form, and therefore no bank account. Agile Collective are acting as our “bank” for this retreat (coordinating payments to Wortley Hall, facilitators etc.) so we’ll arrange for the SolidFund contribution to be sent to them for redistribution as per the proposal.

Thanks again for your time, attention and enthusiasm!

Chris (Go Free Range on behalf of CoTech)

@aaron will be sending out the invoices for accommodation at Wortley Hall shortly. Please do get in touch as soon as possible if cost has been a major barrier to your co-op sending a representative to Wortley Hall and we’ll work out how to use the SolidFund money to help you. Any remaining money will be used to offset the shared costs equally.


@chrislowis That’s really great news. Thanks for all your work on it and to everyone who voted! :smile: