Solidfund - 2018 financial report and shoutout

Many people here subscribe to Worker Coop Solidarity Fund (Solidfund), which resources worker coop learning and organisation through individual contributions from worker cooperators and supporters of industrial democracy. For those of you who are signed up to the members’ discuss-and-decide group on Loomio, a finance report for 2018 is just published at

If you’re a subscriber but not signed up to the Loomio group, let me know.

If you’re not a subscriber but you want to get involved, you can join for £1 a week via - or ask here if you want to know more.


Nice one, going strong!
Not meaning to steal the thread (maybe just a bit), we just posted a proposal on loomio regarding setting up CoTech Fund. It was approved at the Hack in November, people get involved!
It has to be said loud and clear that the idea of CoTech fund is directly inspired by Worker Coop Solidarity Fund, thank you!