Solidarity with South Africa's Yetu Infotech Collective

Hello CoTech friends,

I’m writing to introduce the Yetu Infotech Collective in South Africa. We’re a non-profit collective committed to "growing the internet from below by providing infrastructure, FLOSS, and web platforms for progressive community groups, unions, NGOs and social movements.

CoTech seems like a great initiative and (while we cannot join from outside the UK) we look forward to contributing and learning from this forum.

We are currently working on three projects:

  • Mamela is a web platform for community groups to publish news, have a web presence, and send alerts to the mass media. (more here)

  • is a content-aggregator that aims to amply marginalised voices by growing a massive audience for progressive content. (more here)

  • YetuDESK aims to offer activists a secure opensource online office using nextcloud.

We’d welcome support from anyone has worked on similar projects - we have little capacity and don’t want to reinvent wheels :wink:

Otherwise any feedback is most welcome.

Warm regards,


PS, we do have some funding to pay for support, but are primarily interested in forging relationships based on shared politics and solidarity.

Mark Weinberg
General Secretary
Yetu Infotech Collective
+27 72 724 9601


You can learn more about Mamela here: Mamela – Yetu Infotech Collective

More about here: VUKA News – Yetu Infotech Collective

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Hi Mark. Try getting in touch with people at Communecter, le réseau social libre et connecté - there is a little chat icon upper right corner, and you can use that to get in touch with them - they will get back in touch. If not, let me know and I’ll try and connect you. Have fun.


Good to hear from you @mark :slight_smile:

I know nothing about it but your projects reminded me of this French one:

BTW I have manually incremented your trust level so you should now be able to include more links in posts.

Thanks Chris! Muntu looks great. FYI, our ‘soft launch’ is at

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