Software Stack for platform coop management

Hi to all,
The Platform coop consortium has announced the platform coop development Kit. This will be a knowledge base as also an ecosystem of Apps and tools to start and manage platform coops.

More information can be found here:

and here

The project is funded with 1 Mio $ from

The Google Web APIs are very convenient for fast prototyping and I have seen several people and developers at the platform coop konsortium using Google-Tools e.g. for creating the directory Internet of ownenership.

Several project with coops are already in the design stage and I have the impression, that we may get a software stack, which uses a lot of Google APIs during rapid prototyping and later in the final products derived from the prototypes.
At the PLatform coop mailing list, I started the the provocative thread “Are we selling the platform coop movement to Google ?” in which I state:

I´m not a developer, but I work with developers. For the Platform Coop Kit, I would like to see a mission statement like e.g.:

- The Platform Kit is based on Open Source technology
- The platform coop Kit software promoted open standards (e.G W3C and ISO)
- where ever possible, the software stack of the platform coop kits avoid the usage of web APIs, which are provided by non coop platforms
- Especially Web APIs, which force the users to share personal data with non coop platforms should be avoided
- Identity management of the Platform coop Kit must be independent from non coop platforms
- handling of geo-data must be based on the Openstreet map project
- In the case, that there is currently no productive alternative Web APIs of non Coop platforms, the software has to be prepared for an easy exchange of these Web APIs to coop controlled Web APIs in a later stage.

I would also like very much to see an overview, which Web APIs are currently used in the prototypes of the Platform Coop Kit, and which Web APIs, they plan to use in future version.

As I´m not a developer, I would be glad, if coop developers have a look at the project, ask questions and inject ideas how to grow this project with less Google Web APIs as possible.

I will report from the public platform coop mailinglist about the ongoing discussion.



Is that one million US dollars?

Do you know where the code is hosted — I’d rather have a quick look at the code than read all the lengthy theory / design documents…

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Hi Chris,
I just asked some questions at the platform coop mailing list:

Hello to all,

Reading the articles about the platform coop development kit, I understand, that this is combination tools for learning how to start and manage a platform coop and basic technical infrastructure with an openAPI and customizable entry points.

Several coops have been choosen for piloting the project and the Co-Design process with the pilots has already started.

I have some questions concerning the technical part of the project:

Do you have decided where the code of the project will be hostet ?

Do you know, that we already have a coop controlled platform for code hosting:

Do you plan to create a community for coding the technical part of the Kit ?

If yes, when do plan to make the code public available ?

I will post the answers, when I get them.



Hi to all, at the platform coop mailing list, i just posted another e-mail on how existing we hosting hosting coops could participate in the project:

Hi to all,

In this e-mail I want to sketch my personal view on the digital infrastructure for the platform coop development kit.

On one hand the current white papers are quite general about this topic, on the other hand, we have several pilot projects with the Co-design process already started in some projects.

I would prefer to see:

  • code hosting for the development uses a coop based infrastructure like e.g.
  • technical discussion for the development uses an existing forum for tech coops like e.g.
  • hosting of the apps and web services should be decentrally and be done on a network of coop web hosters, which own their server hardware
  • we should invite all web hosting coops already registered at to participate
  • we should consider, that most web hosting coops at don´t know each other
  • we should consider, that we have currently (partly) diverse technical infrastructures in our current network of web-hosting coops
  • We should offer a small budget for participating web hosting coops to describe their current processes and tools an to learn from each other, what we have in common and what we are doing differently
  • if participating web hosting coops using open source projects to develop software for their daily operations, ist should be possible to apply for a fund to support these developments.
  • All participating web hosting coops using open source for daily operations should may get a common budget for the developments of these open source applications. They decide together but autonomous which developments are best for growing together.
  • We should reserve a budget, that experienced web hosting coops are mentoring the start of new web hosting coops in areas, without webhosting coops e.g. india or brazil. These new web hosting coops firstly serve the pilot projects in these regions and than grow organical with offering hosting services to other projects and people.
  • The big vision is global network of independent but cooperating hosting coops, which share a common software stack, based on open source, open standards and preserving the privacy of their customers.


  • Does the platform coop consortium share this vision ?
  • Does the platform coop consortium could reserve a part of the funding for participating web hosting coops for shared developments and mentoring the starting of new regional web hosting coops ?
  • Does the platform coop consortium will create a process, how existing web hosting coops can join the project for the platform coop development kit including having a voice in the budgeting process ?

cooperative regards


Yes, they got a one million US dollar grant from