Sociocracy 101 workshop (fully remote)


We’re running another Sociocracy 101 workshop on Weds 9th of Jan from 10am-4pm with breaks. It’s online so you can attend from your chosen safe space, and as always…

:tada: We’re offering 2 for 1 tickets for our friends in co-operatives :tada:

If you’re wondering if this workshop is for you, we recommend it to:

  • People who are interested in using sociocracy
  • New members of co-ops that are already using sociocracy or just consent-based decision making
  • People who have already used it and want to further/explore the practice a bit. We could all do with a refresher now and again :smiley:
  • If you’re on this forum and not in a co-op, you’re still welcome to come! We tend to charge organisations that can afford it a full price ticket because it’s fair. And it’s a good workshop.

We think it’s useful to have at least two people there, hence the offer.

More details and booking info on the Eventbrite page: Sociocracy 101 workshop 19th January 2022 (fully remote)

If you have any questions book please email

And a special request: This is just a point of information about an event happening in September, so if people would like to talk about other things to do with Sociocracy, please create a different thread or add to one that already exists.