Sociocracy 101 workshop April 14th

Hi CoTechers,

One of the many CoTech collaborations to come out of this year has been myself and @aaron joining @PeteBurden and @Abi at Outlandish in delivering Sociocracy and other workshops. This new development has definitely been the highlight of my crazy year! And we’ve got another fully remote consent based decision making workshop coming up on Wednesday 14th April 10 - 3.30pm. We offer a 241 discount on CoTech members so bring along a friend or 3 and bring it back to your co-op where you can support each other to practise. (£250 for 2 tickets including the offer).

Here is a blog @Abi wrote about why she thinks it is one of the best changes Outlandish made:

More workshop details here.

Get in touch to ask questions or claim your discount! :blush:

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