SNES-Game-Based comms system

During one of the CoTech events during the lockdowns, we used a SNES-style 8-bit-art game engine to use as a digital analogue to a physical space.

Who was it that set that up?

Is it still available?

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I don’t think I remember this but it sounds like something like - is it that?


Was it @Ieva_BlakeHouse and @simon.blakehouse from who set it up?

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we were using

I did try using it to build my own map for a live game, but it turned out to be a lot of trouble so we used the default, with a hidden entrance to an external link


That’s the one :smiley:

@Ieva_BlakeHouse and @simon.blakehouse - I had a think about the gather[dot]town instance you created, and was going to suggest it to one group that are looking to do a remote event.

Is it still active, so i can show them what it’s like? :smiley:

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That’s the link i was looking for :smiley:

Would it be ok if i pass on your contact details to the organisers?

Yeah of course, I’m on

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Is the instance you created still active? :smiley:

I sincerely doubt it - it was used maybe two years ago and I haven’t used it since.

From what I can remember, building a custom map was a challenge, especially when working to a deadline. When the event was live using the default map, it was pretty fun and people were running around loading different chats. Someone with better time management could probably wrangle a decent custom skin given enough lead time.

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