Shifting the conversation: event in London, 14th May

SHIFTING THE CONVERSATION: a dialogue around what Extinction means for business

14th May, London

Extinction rebellion has packed up and gone. Greta Thunberg has spoken and returned home. We can all return to business as usual

Except for many of us, we can’t. Something has changed. We have permission to voice the fears, grief, anger and other emotions that we feel about the impending ecological catastrophe.

For those of us involved in business, what does this mean? How should respond? What do we do? Where can we go to discuss these questions?

The Human Organising Co is offering a space to explore all this, on 14thMay in London; 09:30 entry for a 10:00 start: 10am-7pm.

Will you join us?


@patrickandr we are having our away that day! But kudos for the cool event, let me know if we can help to spread the word by tweeting and mentioning it at events etc.

Thanks Kayleigh, yes, we picked the wrong day for you all. And yes, any tweeting etc much appreciated. Patrick

It does sound useful and good, and £25 is a good price. It sounds like a good follow-up to the Extinction Rebellion themed day at last week’s CoTech Gathering in Sheffield.

Sadly I cannot get to London this time. I wonder if @dot is able or willing to go?

And may I also ask if any of the outcomes of the Conversation event will be made available online, and if so where ?

Thanx :grinning:

Hi @jonathan , yes, we will publish some notes following the gathering and put them on our website, probably in the form of a blog.