Sheffield 2019: Don't forget to put minutes and notes up on the wiki!

I created a minutes section on the event wiki page.

I propose we format them like this example:

[[Sheffield_2019/Extinction_Rebellion_Disucssion|Extinction Rebellion Disucssion]]

Let me know if you need any help doing this! Happy to sit down and show you how.

I’ve got a few photos after the Spring Gathering which I’m happy to share, and a video (it’s probably rubbish) of about 3/4 GB. Anyone suggest anywhere if there’s going to be a sort of ‘file dump’ for stuff like this ?
PS thanks everyone for coming to Sheffield; we had a great gathering, about 30 people. Next time might be in Birmingham? or Newcastle? or other suggestions?

Thank you for all the work that went into organising, both before and during! Would be great to see your photos and video. Perhaps a fresh folder in the CoTech Nextcloud?


Thanks to everyone involved in organising the event.

As part of the website group I updated the documentation to detail how to make changes to the website without having to clone the git repo and other techy stuff like that. This should hopefully make it easier for people to update their individual coop pages.

The main documentation is in the README file of the website git repo ( There is also more detail on wiki page for the website (, including how to get access if you don’t have it already.