Sharing Legal Developments

The recently submitted draft worker coop bill in Japan has excited many in my circle. (while probably 99.9% of general population still have not heard and would not be able to tell the difference between worker coops and labor unions :sweat_smile:)

Now that there is an English summary of it, let me share the link here:


That is good news Yasuaki, I have just read the English-language
documents you shared, thanks.

It will take a while, apparently, but i hope the legislation gets
passed… I will now watch out for further news from Japan :slight_smile:

Best wishes


Thank you Jonathan, I have spoken to a few lobbyists for this in the last few years and they are really hardcore legal experts and activists.

I heard this is truly exceptional in that the lobbying was not for the usual big industries with money. Initially, I heard they were totally ignored. But the society has changed - I think a lot of people now recognize the ills of capitalism, although they may not say it exactly like that.


Yes i think you’re right. Comparing also with co-ops experience in South America is interesting, in Argentina we understand they had a real co-op growth period following almost economic collapse (2002?)

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