Governance proposals

The CoTech-linked project invites you to a discussion about how we can best organise the governance of the project. Any CoTech members with an interest in this cooperative hosting project and/or cooperative governance is extremely welcome to participate.
The meeting will be in the SALLY FLOYD meeting room over at and will begin at 2pm GMT on Friday November 26th.

The project to create a new cooperatively owned and controlled hosting service has been progressing well, and is shortly to begin gathering firm commitments from CoTech member cooperatives to enable the service to commence operations.

In advance of this we are keen to involve potential user-members in a discussion about the governance of the project. We are looking at the potential of running underneath the umbrella that is the Innovation Co-operative. @shaun and @Graham are both actively involved in both projects and will be on the call to explain more about the Innovation Cooperative, and how can potentially benefit from being involved.


Look forward, thanks so much @Graham! :pray:

Reminder to all CoTech folks that might have an interest in cooperative digital infrastructure, of this afternoon’s discussion.

This call might well also be of interest to people thinking about corporate governance for CoTech itself. I’m not familiar with the detail of that discussion, but The Innovation Cooperative could be a possible solution.

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Whoops - wrong date/thread. The call is actually today, Dec 3, same location

@Graham is this happening now (2pm) or at 3?

I’m on the call now, and I’m the only person there. Correction - Liam’s here
So - not sure.

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