Scheming on a remote event in Canada featuring FACT[TIC]

hiya @Neto @nicolasdimarco!

I was going to reach out directly, but then figured: “Why not have the convo on the forum, as any positive spin-out is entirely due to this network” :wink:

Here’s the related context – :mag: facts, :heart: feelings, and :bulb: ideas: (taking cue from ORID process, h/t @audreyt)

  • :mag: I’m very early in starting a tech worker co-op with some friends, Hypha Worker Co-operative
  • :mag: We all met around the Toronto #civictech community, doing projects and organizing together.
  • :mag: We’re interested in building an inclusive and diverse co-operative ecology in Toronto.
  • :mag: I’m also a co-organizer with Civic Tech Toronto.
    • :mag: I’m currently in the role of speaker booking.
    • :mag: We run weekly “civic hacknights” for 50-70 designers, technologists, public servants, nonprofit workers, and engaged citizens. Anyone can pitch a project and seek support. We’re a multi-sectoral platform for grassroots community projects.
    • :mag: We host short guest speakers each week, from government and civil society. This helps lure people in for the project work.
    • :mag: We move around each month, hopping between academic, private, and government venue sponsors (cross-pollinating communities in the process).
  • :mag: FACT[TIC] gave a show & tell. about. notes.
    • :mag: Two of your major longterm clients are Canadian tech companies from Toronto, which work in industries aligned or adjacent to government.
  • :mag: Civic Tech Toronto usually books venues pretty much via cold-calls.
  • :heart: I feel very excited about sharing more co-operative ideals within the Toronto #civictech community, and helping community members establish more formal working relationships.
  • :bulb: If we independently soliticited venue sponsorship from a month from one of these organizations, might someone from FACT[TIC] be willing to speak to the community about your tech co-op network? (We could seek hosting with or without mentioning interest in their relation to you)

Eager to hear your thoughts on this, or get on a call! :slightly_smiling_face: I wouldn’t make any mention of the client relation without your consent. (We tend to work on a couple month timescale for venue sponsors, so no rush.)

(Civic Tech Toronto and Hypha Worker Co-operative are separate endeavours, but I’m eager to consider how they might align in the future.)


Hi @patcon!

Thanks for posting this in the public forum!

We’d love to participate in a Show&Tell about our experience in FACTTIC,

Let’s schedule a call to organize it!!

@nicolasdimarco what do you think? :slight_smile:

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Hi @patcon

Thank you for writing to us! It was great that you decided to do a post public.

Let’s arrange a call, I would like to know a little more about the idea you have in mind. I’m not quite sure I fully understood the proposal.

Do you think it’s okay if we talk on Monday next week?


Rockin! Thanks both! Would love to speak about the proposal with faces and voices!

I see that you’re +1h from Eastern Time in Canada, so this is easy. I’m available on Monday after noon ET, but other Hypha members are free-est around 5pm.

I’m sure other members of Hypha would love to meet you in more of a show&tell capacity and learn about how you’re working with local Toronto tech companies (and other co-ops more generally). But I also don’t want to confuse that conversation with the other “scheming about venue/speaker booking” within the Civic Tech Toronto community – that scheme is moreso another hat I’m wearing outside the co-op right now :slight_smile:

How about this: (Eastern time)

  • 4:45-5pm: Discussion related to Toronto clients, venue partners, Fiqus guest-speaking (40-60 attendees)
    • :tophat: Civic Tech Toronto co-organizer
  • 5-6pm: Hypha<=>Fiqus hangout
    • :tophat: Hypha Worker Co-op member

Hypha has been doing sporadic “informational interviews” with other tech co-ops around the world, and we could just do that format?

Sorry, re: Monday. A fellow member wants to join, but she’s unavailable Monday. Any availability later in week? Our co-op’s general ongoing weekly availability is here: (that’s our member-only schedule, please don’t add your timing there :slight_smile: )

@Neto @nicolasdimarco hi! Sorry, I should have followed up – Can we exchange alternative contact info to see if we can quickly rescue today’s conversation?

WhatsApp: USA 347 dash 559 dash 7622
Email: patrick.c.connolly @ the big G email

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