Rojava podcasts

I’m planning on listening to these today.

#66: Defend Rojava! Part 1, The Turkish Invasion

#67: Defend Rojava! Part 2, Understanding the Kurdish Resistance

The Fate of Rojava, the Autonomous, Majority Kurdish Region of Syria

Vijay Prashad on The Turks Invading Syria

Rojava: Trump Betrays the Kurds


Thanks for sharing, @chris!

I’ve been reading The Battle for the Mountain of the Kurds: Self-Determination and Ethnic Cleansing in the Afrin Region of Rojava by Thomas Schmidinger. It’s very good, pretty dense with the history of various ethnic, religious, and political groups in the Kurd Dagh, but well written and published this year.

Also by Schmidinger: Rojava: Revolution, War and the Future of Syria’s Kurds (2018).

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Sounds interesting, I’ll take a look to that podcast.