Rojava: co-ops as a revolutionary strategy


In the end, I still can not imagine how a fundamental alternative economic system cannot be based on some kind of collectively owned units with democratic member control, in other words: Cooperatives. This does not imply that building up a cooperative is always and everywhere a strategically clever and revolutionary thing to do. I tried to share my thoughts on why this approach can be totally in vain, misleading or even counterproductive. At the same time, I also presented some ideas why, how and under which circumstances we should maybe still consider to start building a cooperative economy today, no matter where we are. Rojava shows that the cooperative economy reaches far beyond the fulfillment of society´s economic needs: It shows that the establishment of cooperatives can and should go hand in hand with women liberation, radical ecology, intercultural exchange, grassroots democracy and the reestablishing of communal way of living. In short: Cooperatives are Revolution.


Warning: no elon musk contained in this document.

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