Review of RECITE.ME assistive technology

Hello all
Our client has asked us to consider adding assistive overlay widget.
Up till now, our opinion is that, these are are a compliance band aid over a shark bite, they don’t fix a badly coded site.
Does anyone have experience of this software or this in issue in general?
thanks in advance

Hi Felix. I’ve had a client ask me to integrate in the past, and my broad opinion was the same as yours. These are tools and technologies that should be offered at the operating system level or at the very least software level, not something that integrates well into a site itself.

That said, there could be valid reasons they want it and I guess try to understand where they’re coming from with it - in my case, it was a website that would be primarily used by older adults - but the want for was actually masking a larger skills gap that we went on to explore further and build some capability in. It led to the organisation behind the site coming out with some posts about how to use assistive tech for web navigation, so it served a larger base than just the site, which worked well.


Hello Kieran

Thank you, it is very helpful to know we are not alone in our thinking.

Kind regards


Hey @Felix

You might find this helpful to make your case:

ReciteMe is mentioned on the list there. So i would avoid it if possible.


Thank you @maria. This has been very useful.

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