Research project: Platform Co-ops in the UK

Hello everyone,
I am a master student currently working on my master thesis at WU Vienna University of Economics and Business in Austria. The project analyses the business model of platform co-ops.

For that purpose I am looking for examples of platform co-ops which were founded in the UK. In particular I am currently looking at platforms which are related to the transportation sector. But also examples from various sectors whould be particularly helpful for my research.

I am looking forward to some interesting input on the platform co-op economy in the UK.
Thanks a lot for your help in advance!

Best regards from Austria,
Tina Reitmeier


Hi @TinaR!

You may want to try the Internet of Ownership (IOO) directory of platform cooperatives.

A couple transportation-related platform co-ops in the UK I found through the IOO directory were:

Other related platform cooperatives that I am personally interested in:

And here is a recent case study on the Arcade City p2p network:

If you need any help with your project, please let me know.

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Hello @char

Thanks a lot for all your input. I few of them I already know/interviewed. In case you also have any input or know someone who might has input on platform co-ops in Australia please let me know.

Thank you so much!

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I assume you’ve already reached out to for contacts?

For Australia I’d also contact

I note their CEO Melina Morrison is also part of

Wouldn’t the nascent count as a UK platform co-op, since UK folks are highly involved (including a few people on this forum)? It’s more an international coalition right now, but I believe the goal is incorporation

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