Request on behalf of Client

Hi everyone,

I’ve received a request on behalf of our client to post a service requirement.
We currently provide their hosting and support for these, however they are requiring further services.

Just as a disclosure, we have also quoted for this.

I am currently the volunteer co-ordinator for a small housing co-operative in London.

Originally my brief was just to try and improve the internet services here but over the last 3 years the scope of my role has increased to a place that would be better to hand over someone else.

Our company is 10 to 14 volunteers and 3 employed staff members who work on site and remotely.

Our IT system and resources are quite simple and we have tried where possible to use open source software and not get too backed into a corner with large companies.

We have a shared Nextcloud server which the office staff store documents on. We have a shared email server running Mailcow & SoGo, which most of the volunteer management committee use. The office staff also have Microsoft accounts, and use Outlook. Both of these servers are off site and provided by another co-op. This also hosts our website.

Everyone manages their own passwords and only me and our service provider have admin logins.

I think we are looking for 3 main services.

Firstly, someone who can manage our security. Propose a reasonable small 2Fa solution, keep controlled access of logins and keep credentials securely. We want to have simple but robust security.

Secondly, to carry out basic administration jobs, like resetting all the volunteer email passwords and distributing new credentials. Creating or retiring email accounts as needed. We need someone to have an overview of the services we have and can link them up in the most sensible way.

And thirdly to act as remote IT support for the office staff if they have a software crash or can’t work out how to add an address book in Outlook. Very broad issues that I usually can fix with just restarting or a few minutes of remote login meddling. We need someone the office staff can call for support occasionally with basic IT literacy issues.

I hope this is something that you might be able to propose some structure or have some ideas about how it could work.

Please send enquiries to internetandonline[at]