Request for Proposals: Support B Lab’s digital transformation journey

Just saw this via the Agencies for Good Slack and wondered if any CoTech orgs might be interested in applying? WAO might be up for doing some of the process-related stuff but we’d need UX and engineering support from fellow co-ops :slight_smile:

Edit: $300k budget and working with their product team. Project starts in September.

B Lab is looking for software engineers, requirements gathering, and UX/Product Design + Research

B Lab is embarking on a digital transformation process, applying new digital solutions and ways of working to optimize our processes, reduce operating costs, and build connective platforms for businesses across the globe. Ultimately, our hope is to take the B Corp movement to the scale required for sustained and transformative economic systems change.

This Request for Proposals (RFP will kick off our digital transformation with the redesign of our company intake process. This relates to innovating how we capture company information to understand the right attributes in our B Impact digital platform, and by extension, enhancing the overall efficiency and experience of companies engaging with our standards. This work will allow us to better understand companies’ structure, practices and operations as soon as they submit their assessment, ideally reducing wasted effort and streamlining their certification journey.

If you’re interested in being involved in this work, check out the RFP linked above and submit proposals to @Isik Oguzertem (B Lab Global)​ at by Jun 30, 2023 at 11:59 GMT.


Hey Doug, thanks for sharing! Yeah we could be interested in collaborating here at Yalla :slight_smile: I can send you an email if you’re still looking for partners?

Hi Joe, great! Yes please :pray:

(if anyone else is interested and reading this, just DM me)

I’ll be meeting @JoeFrielYalla and Lina from Yalla tomorrow at 12:00 BST if anyone wants to join me (just send me a message!) :slight_smile: