Request For Help - Starting an Business-Infrastructure Co-operative

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Have you come across ?

They use a set of automated tools that allows the generation of correct paperwork, and, the registration of co-operatives through the online infrastructures that exists.

With the Co-operative Creation part of the business, they chose to set their own example by creating the legal infrastructure in the form of a co-operative.

However when i look at the current website, the only active links are internal to the website, and there’s a lot of linkrot from the external sites.

The last update to their news page, was October 21st, 2012.

The last update to their Dev forum was May 8th, 2015.

They would be a good fit in terms of their approach for being members of CoTech, but they don’t seem to have many people on board.

Would anyone from CoTech be interested in taking this on?

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Hi, I came across one click a few years ago, but I am not sure how effective it all was. In the end I am not sure how much it can be simplified, perhaps it’s just a matter of not looking things properly.
I am busy developing the infra-structure of Digital liberties, and it’s quite a lot of work to do it properly.
Perhaps we could chat about this. Are you on Nextcloud? We could use nextcloud talk.

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I gave the developers of OneClickOrgs advice when they were working on the Co-op side of things,

Interesting people.

I’m shouting them about what’s happened with the website.

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AFAIK One Click Co-ops was developed on a shoe-string (£20k or something like that) by one developer (Chris Mear) and has never been maintained since :-/ (last commit was 2014).

But I think something like it properly done and resourced is still direly needed. But yes, hard to do properly.

I know @Graham is interested in such stuff too. And Mark Simmonds (but here’s not here yet). And Dave Boyle (ditto). And for a while Simon Borkin (ditto) at Co-ops UK was looking into doing similar stuff too (but with a bit of added membership and shares management thrown in for good measure), but it never went anywhere in the end :-/

I’ve been dreaming of such stuff for years. This is from Feb 2011, for example.

But see also e.g. the story here and mock screenshots here from 2004.

In terms of starting a business infrastructure co-op, this thread outlines what is underway on a platform that aims to do potentially similar things.

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