Removing access to ex coop members

Hi folks,

As some of you probably know, I left Agile Collective a couple of months ago. I realised while voting on a Loomio thread about removing defunct coops that I still have access to this despite not being in a CoTech coop.

I have now removed myself from the group, but I thought I’d open the question about whether some maintenance of this and access to other stuff needs to happen?

It is proper boring, maybe not necessary, maybe it is? Anyway, thought I’d open the floor and see if anyone has strong views on it.



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e.g. I think I may be an admin on Discourse and am primary owner of Slack workspace currently.

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This is a boring but important topic, so thanks for raising @aaron! I should imagine (hope!) that each org as part of CoTech has onboarding/offboarding protocols, but these may not include access to CoTech stuff.

I guess there’s good leaver / bad leaver situations? So with a situation where people are leaving on good terms, then there’s no drama and no emergency.

If someone leaves on bad terms, or an org implodes, that’s a different matter and there’s potentially a threat to CoTech platforms and assets :thinking:

(I don’t have any concrete suggestions, just helping think it through!)


cheers @dajbelshaw I think you’ve outlined what I was thinking more clearly. I don’t think I’m a “bad leaver” (you’ll have to ask other members of AC on that score!) so now is a good time to clarify things. Cotech as a whole is not going to know that X member has left so it is going to be easier for each individual coop to manage this.
For myself, I will unassign myself from admin rights of all the things.

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Thanks for starting this @aaron we hope you will return!

Sorry if the following is slightly hijacking this thread… Since we now officially agreed to let 7 co-ops go we will need not only to update the list of co-ops on CoTech website & wiki but also change the access on Discourse for the co-ops who are no longer in the network. What are other channels we should consider? Is this perhaps already covered somewhere? Any pointers welcome!