Reframing Conflict workshop (Two part and remote)

Another workshop from your friends in the Building OUT team :partying_face:

This one is called Reframing Conflict, it’s a two part practical workshop that helps us see conflict in a new way – from a team problem to acknowledging different ways of thinking. We’ve spread it across two consecutive Wednesdays from 10-1pm with breaks.

We’re offering 2 for 1 tickets for our friends in co-ops. You are of course still welcome to join if you’re not from a co-op :smiley:

You might be interested in this workshop if:

  • You’ve had a fight/ongoing issue with a colleague and haven’t spoken about it openly or safely
  • Some of your projects have been going wrong, and despite improving processes, you’re still experiencing issues or challenges
  • Your communication with a team member is strained and you’re not really sure why
  • You want to explore difference in your team in a safe and constructive way
  • You’ve done some work around communications in your organisation and want a refresher or even better, to go a bit deeper

To find out more or book, please go to the Eventbrite listing Reframing Conflict (Two part and remote) Tickets, Wed 2 Feb 2022 at 10:00 | Eventbrite

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And a special request, this post is an invite to an event is happening, not an invite to critique our approach. If you want to do that, please start a new thread.