Recommendations for wiki software? (plus tutorials around that?)

I’m looking to install a wiki on a cloud server (hetzner), then run it on a custom dns. Does anyone have a recommendation for which wiki software, or even a better cloud platform to do it on? Or a tutorial that I can follow?

It’s for my project Wobbly, the union app, so I’d love to be able to have it run at too, but I’m alright with it being at a different domain.

Thank you!

Webarchitects Co-operative can provide hosted MediaWiki sites:

If you want to give the software a try there is the CoTech wiki, it is worth looking at the WYSIWYG editor, this needs a seperate service to run, Parsoid, we have a Parsoid server for our clients and it is provisioned using this Ansible code:

And the Ansible code we run to install MediaWiki onto our shared hosting servers is here:

If you don’t have an account on the CoTech wiki then message me the username you would like and your email address and I’ll set one up.

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Thank you! I’ve sent you my details

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