Recommendations for Web-hosting, Please!

We at Crystalisr are currently setting up our web presence. We currently have two domains registered on on GoDaddy. One ( has a single landing page, hosted on GoDaddy, the other ( our first proper site, deployed on a test server. We would like to consolidate the domains and the website with hosting from a more appropriate provider, in terms of price and quality of service, and also in terms of location (our area is South London) and compatibility with the co-operative ethos. What can you recommend?


The two CoTech co-ops that specialise in web hosting are MediaBlaze, and Webarchitects.

Your new site looks like it is running WordPress, see the Webarchitects WordPress hosting packages here:

Thanks for mentioning is @chris

Hey, Liam from MediaBlaze Hosts here, drop me a message if you like, our packages are here:

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Thanks - just chatted on your website