Recommendations for IT support

Hi all,

We are looking for a co-op that could provide help in a number of areas:

  • Google Workspace config
  • Security / data protection work
  • Hardware set up and support

Any recommendations, please?


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Hi Jen,

Certainly something we can help with drop me an email with your requirements lmacleod [at]

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Hey @jen-signalise,

I’m an Ex-Googler and I started lurking around here because I am interested in the whole coop movement. I’ve spent a large chunk of my professional career in the Google ecosystem and IT-Security in particular.

Full disclosure though, I am very unexperienced with but highly interested participating in the coop ecosystem. I assume pitching my commercial offering is a no-go in this forum, hence I wont - but I was wondering if a trade of skills/ experience would be interesting to you?
Coop structure/ setup/ … vs tech support?


Google - data protection: oxymoron?