Rain Cooperative - Coder Needed

Hello all! My name is Adam Schneider. I am one of a few worker members working on a new worker owned cooperative called Rain Cooperative. Rain is currently in it’s testing phase with our vendors to test the site so we can hopefully plan on launching later this year. Right now, we are all volunteers and hopefully by the end of the year we’ll be able to offer pay. But recently lost our coder and we need someone who is passionate about creating a better alternative to the likes of Etsy. Somewhere vendors can have more of a say and make more of the money that they have earned in making their products. We only take a 10% fee off the top of their sales and the rest goes to them minus the usual PayPal or Stripe transaction fee (something else we are working on to get the least expensive option for them). But we need help in the form of a coder or coders who can devote a few hours a week to helping us, especially at launch time to ensure we can fix any problems that might occur with the site. So if you are interested please let me know. I’d love to discuss it. Thank you.

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Hello, I’m interested in this and I would like to know more about the position. You can see some of my code at github and git.coop. Please feel free to reach out to me at: itsakshaymankar [at] gmail [dot] com.

Hello! Cool project :smile: what is your current technology stack, is the code open-source? Are you looking for someone on an employment contract or freelance? Do you have an idea of budget?

At this point we are all working on a volunteer basis because we don’t have any revenue coming in yet. We hope to be able to launch later this year at which point money will be coming in that will help us all. But we need someone who can help with any issues that might occur.

Are you in the U.S. or somewhere else? Right now we’re only looking to have people in the U.S. work for us. Eventually we will go international.

Hi Cal, I’m Johnny. We are starting with a WordPress environment and would like someone familiar with its ecosystem, as well as server administrative skills, as we’ll be looking at upgrading the server as we scale up.

We are looking for members to join, not really contracting or outsourcing these roles. We are building the IT department.

If you’re still interested, let me know.

I am in Germany, so I guess it doesn’t work. Hope you find someone great for the job!

This seems somewhat constraining given that you looking for pro bono input, and that lots of developers that I know work pretty much globally. What’s the rationale? Is the project place-focussed?

We are looking for members to join the coop for a commitment. We’re not looking to hire out contracted work (even free) that we don’t have internal control over and then have to hire someone else at some point to translate what we contracted out earlier.

So we want members who want to be a part of the cooperative and, at this time, we aren’t legally structured to take on international members. That’s all it is. We can’t break the law or put ourselves in a negative situation.

The level of commitment isn’t that much from someone with moderate skills. At least not at this point. If we scale up, as a membership, we will also have to scale up the IT team that is responsible for overseeing any potential bugs, updates, or custom extensions we may need to address platform issues/features. But by the time we would be scaling up, we’d hope to be making a revenue to offer members income for their time.

It’s a grassroots startup and we’re all volunteering time. So we’re looking for other people who see the value in joining us to strengthen our team to secure the productive capacity needed to manifest a sustainable revenue stream for the workers.