Question about online payment systems


Tonight i came across this video about the problems that Minnie Small was having with PayPal,

I’ve also been reading about the payment problems Naomi Wu was having with Patreon, after getting into an argument with Vice Media about an article they wrote about her,

She’s worth following as she has a lot of useful advice about how things are done in Shenzhen,

Vice Media sent in a lawyer’s letter to Patreon, and had her account frozen. It’s still in dispute, so she can’t access any of her money.

One thing that both, Naomi Wu, and Minnie Small, have in common, is that they do not rely upon a single source of income, so have been able to keep their heads above water while the disputes are taking place.

This is an excellent MUST-HAVE for every business, so as not to get shafted.

While i can use duckduckgo as well as anybody else, to find alternatives, i was wondering what other payment processors that the CoTech members have tried.

Could you tell us what your experiences have been like?


By and large I’d say they all pretty much of a muchness. A few years ago I came across who offer a service specifically for non-profits (I have a number of clients who are charities) and they have a pre-exisitng integration with CiviCRM. Didn’t use them in the end, but might be worth considering.


Most people seems to use Stripe these days, no? and/ or PayPal and GoCardless too.

I like GoCardless because it makes it easy to do online direct debits, but apparently the Stripe APIs are better etc.

I have all three set-up in a WooCommerce-powered shop I created recently.