Practical communication for teams workshop by Outlandish

Hi folks,

The Building OUT team has just launched a new workshop: Practical communication skills for teams!

This two-part workshop will help teams practise really listening to each other and understanding what is being said. Sounds simple, right? Most of the time people in conversations are just waiting for their chance to speak. We don’t listen, we reload! So in this workshop we slow the pace down, and help you to work hard to really understand and explore underlying needs, issues and challenges in constructive ways.

Date : Wednesday 25th Nov and 2nd Dec 10am-1pm

You can find out more about it here:

It complements the Sociocracy 101 workshop really nicely but also operates just as well as a standalone training.
We are really excited by the potential of this workshop and would really love to get CoTech people along so all CoTech members are eligible for 241 tickets. Just contact and we’ll send you an invoice (also saves on Eventbrite fees!). We can also do bespoke workshop for your whole team if you’d prefer :slight_smile:

Building OUT is Outlandish’s programme of services and workshops that can build any team’s Openness, Understanding & Trust (did you see what we did there?). It’s delivered by practitioners from co-operatives that really use the tools we share in their everyday work.

It is also another CoTech collaboration involving me (Agile Collective) and Doug Belshaw (We are Open) alongside Abi and Pete Burden from Outlandish.

Hope to some / loads of you there!

Aaron, Abi, Doug and Pete