Potentially-interesting from Catalyst r.e. shaping a Data Collective for the charity sector

Thought some CoTech members might find this interesting? Up to £48k (incl. VAT)

NEW paid contract opportunity: help us shape a Data Collective for the charity sector

The deadline for proposals is 2nd November. For more information and to apply, please visit Catalyst Open Projects - Bid for a Brief (scroll down to ‘Data Collective’) - and please share with your networks; thank you!

We’re currently mobilising a group of organisations to help #charities gather, share and analyse #data more effectively. This group comprises of charities, research institutions and funders, all working across different data fields, but with one thing in common: a desire to coordinate and standardise data collection efforts across the sector.

We’re now tendering for a partner to shape and lead this work for a maximum of 4 months. We hope to work with the partner to explore how the Collective could continue longer-term, where it could be housed and the resources it needs.

The partner will need to speak to multiple organisations across the sector in order to gather feedback on their needs, and synthesise that information into a coherent whole. They will also need to understand best practice around collecting and analysing data.

If you have any questions about the brief, or if you would like to join the Collective as an organisation, please contact rachel@thecatalyst.org.uk

More info: Catalyst network news on LinkedIn: #charities #data #techforgood

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In my brain the 2nd of November hasn’t happened yet. My apologies. :confused:

(I reckon anyone interested should still get in touch with them though!)

I know that open data services have put in a submission with a partner so hopefully it will be a win for the network :slight_smile: