Potential gathering in Colchester

We (Ben and Alan from Creative Coop) drunkenly suggested in Glasgow that we could host the next Cotech gathering in Colchester. We have just been talking about it and although we’re having a very busy few months, we still want to do it - but first need to find out what kind of feeling there is about it.

What kind of dates will work (for now we just need to know vaguely - does the next one need to be soon? Or could it be, say, June?)

Later on I can make a proper poll or proposal but for now just want to know roughly what timescales might work.

Also, will there be sufficient interest? We’re aware Colchester is convenient for people dahn saff but not so much for the rest of the country.

That’s it for now!


Sounds like a great plan @alanpeart :slight_smile: the only thing I’m aware of that we shouldn’t clash with is 12-14th May as I believe that is when the Workers Co-op Weekend is pencilled in for (is that right @athertonjohn?).

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Not this year were prob going for late summer as we haven’t started planning yet with everything going on with workers.coop


June works for us, and we’re excited to see this has progressed from a drunken suggestion!

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Oooh! I was born in Colchester! I’m in!