Polis Free UK Instance

Has anyone ever tried to set up an instance of Polis in the UK for organisations to use?

I work with grassroots groups in the UK organising around climate justice, and it could be helpful for managing large spaces to make democratic decisions.

Interested to hear if anyone has been thinking about this too!

Hey Joe,

We’ve had an instance of Polis in Chaitin School but nobody was really using apart from testing. Do you think people would be interested in a UK-based instance? The official pol.is instance is free to use and people usually embed the conversations in other websites.

Do you think it would make sense to host one in any case?


Hey Theodore,

I think the only reason a self hosted instance would be helpful is some organisations want to use it but have data-processing worries about it being hosted in the US.

I still need to fully understand what those worries are, but there is definitely interest from a group in UEA who haven’t been able to use the official instance