Podcast Recommendations

Hello! Happy 2020 everyone!

I love podcasts, they’re my main source of media. I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations they’d like to share, especially tech/feminist/queer ones but any really :slight_smile:

Some of my favourites:
CodeNewbie - discussion with a different person every episode about different aspects of tech

Revolutions - in depth historical look at different revolutions. Currently 27 episodes into the Russian Revolution (and not even at 1905 yet)

Working Class History - History podcast that speaks to people involved in different working class movements/events in history.

In Our Time - Radio 4 podcast where four academics talk about a subject relating to science/philosophy/history

Srsly Wrong - Comedy left wing podcast by two utopian libsocs

Stuff You Should Know - Different random topic discussed by the two hosts, usually light hearted

The Food Chain - BBC podcast about food


I subscribe to like 70 different podcasts :grinning:

It’s a bit hard to pick just a few :laughing:


I hardly ever (like almost never) listen to podcasts (never really been a radio person either), but the past have enjoyed some episodes of (in no particular order):


I listen to a lot of podcasts, the only show that I think I have listened to all the episodes of is Radio Ecoshock, it is weekly show that has been going since 2006 and mostly covers the cutting edge of climate science.

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Oh and the Media Democracy podcast too

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I just across another (via the https://cloudron.io forum) that looks interesting too:

The most recent episode is all about the Loomio co-op who develop the Loomio software and they’ve got ones on Viable System Model etc too.


This is a really excellent pair of half hour shows from the awesome TUC (time of useful consciousness) Radio, I think they are especially pertinent for all the co-ops who use services like Google Analytics:

Shoshana Zuboff: Surveillance Capitalism and Democracy Part ONE of TWO


Shoshana Zuboff: Surveillance Capitalism and Democracy, Part TWO of TWO



Alex Smith’s Radio Ecoshock is even more relevant than ever and perhaps people will have more time at home now to listen to the radio, his latest show is The Hardest of Times Under the Black Coronavirus:

His archives have a lot of great and accessible shows.

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