Pizza afternoon at Sanford Housing Co-op, Saturday 10 August 2019

UPDATE: this original post refers to an event on Sat 20 May 2017 - but the event is happening again on Sat 28 July 2018! UPDATE x2: Another pizza invasion taking place in 2019 :slight_smile:

Hi CoTechians
In 10 days, even if the weather doesn’t allow, we will have a pizza gathering in our housing coop in SE London.
The picture is called, ‘last time the pizza was too small’. We’ve got an outdoor pizza oven, which can be (un)sustainably powered by our untreated wood scraps for hours. We will prepare lots of dough and toppings of all sorts though you’re welcome to bring along your favourites and compose your very own trip. Geoff has found an edible called Cotechino, will see if we can make a spin-off!
You’re all invited to join us on Saturday the 20th of May at any point in the afternoon, we will probably set things on fire around 1pm. See ya!

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Sounds good to me. See you then.

Am away for this one but keen to join the next pizza party…!

Aaah that’s so nice! I have plans for this weekend with family, but if they finish earlier or fall through I will come over. Thanks for setting this up, you’re both lovely.
Cotechino :joy:

I have an event in town during the day, how long will the festivities carry on for I could head over later on in the day if that’s ok. See you then!

That sounds awesome, unfortunately I’m busy this weekend, would be great to meet all of you soon though.

We’re taking off in 24h but we’ll hang out for the rest of the day so come along whenever it suits you!

If anyone is looking, we are at the back of the coop, just ask for pizza oven!

Pizza was goooood, thanks for organising! A few piccies:


Pizzas strike again!

You’re all invited to the 2018 ever-so-crusty edition of pizza baking at Sanford co-op in SE London (map at the top of the thread)! We will set our stone oven on fire before midday on Saturday the 28th of July so the pizzas will inevitably start materialising themselves around 2-3pm until we run out of dough, which will certainly be (at least) in the evening.

Sanford’s back garden is in the oven’s immediate vicinity (as well as a table tennis) and the whole co-op is up for exploration. It’s got several nice spots and free-flowing is much encouraged. For those who haven’t visited it, Sanford has been going for over 45 years (first purpose-built in London) and it’s run by 120 member-tenants ( - forgive us the website, we’re working on a new incarnation). There’s enough space for everyone so don’t hesitate to bring along your friends and/or family.

No worries about the dough(there’ll be some gluten-free too) and toppings (though feel free to mix in your favourite tastes). Just bring round yourselves and some liquids, whatever floats your boat! Drop in at any point, the earlier the more pizzas you can try!


Great pics! Nice one

Just to add, for anyone whose not been to Sanford before it is well worth a visit (I lived there for about 5 years). Here is a little video tour I shot yonks ago - even better now! (every time I go back some other lovely improvement has been made - it just gets better and better! Housing Co-ops for the win! :slight_smile: ):

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A quick reminder: 24 hours from now the pizza oven will already be on fire, join us anytime in the afternoon!

Big thanks to everyone who showed up, great chats&laughs over afternoon/evening, tons of wicked pizzas made (over 5kg of flour had gone into dough), until the next time!


Thank you SO MUCH to @SzczepanOfAnimorph, Natalia, Mihal and Geoff. It was such a nice evening and Sanford is an absolute dream. It was also really nice to meet @liam, hope you all had a wicked rest of the weekend.

Much love


Can confirm this was utterly awesome! Thanks @SzczepanOfAnimorph you did an amazing job, was totally worth the 4 hour journey lol met some amazing people and would recommend anyone to visit Sanford if they can, was great meeting you too @Kayleigh :blush:


More co-operative pizza coming in 2019 - 10th of August!

There is another pizza feast coming at Sanford housing co-op in New Cross/Deptford, SE London (map at the top of the thread).

We will gather next to our garden oven at the back of the co-op on Saturday the 10th of August! Will get the fire started around midday so first pizzas expected later in the afternoon when the heat of the oven becomes relentless (a pizza ready in under a minute).


The oven will still be blazing after the sunset so drop in whenever it fits you.

Animorph will knead tons of pizza dough, brew the tomato souce and spawn numerous toppings, but, of course, feel welcome to bring along whatever you would like to sprinkle your pizzas with. Plus bring whatever floats your boat, your friends are welcome too!



Oh! I wish I could be there!
I am working on my teleportation machine… but i am not sure if it will work… :confused:

PS - Please, don’t give beer to the monkey if you see it!


Can you make this an actual event post thingy @SzczepanOfAnimorph ?

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It is now (but I’m not sure when it added to the top post in this thread), see the calendar for August 2019.

I’d love to be there, but I can’t make it, I hope I’ll make it one year, good luck with the weather for the event :sun_with_face::pizza::beers:.