Pete from 3XE Introduction

Hi folks

You may remember 3XE or my name from the Allow 3XE to join CoTech Loomio poll a few months ago. Thanks to those who commented and to those offered suggestions/support in the related e-mail thread.

To recap, 3XE Ltd is a web application development company specialising in geographical information systems. I have always had the intention of growing the company horizontally with worker co-ownership and co-management but, by some admission of failure, I am still the only employee-owner after almost five years.

As for me: I operate 3XE out of Cornwall, UK and it is very easy to have a chill lifestyle down here ā€“ which may be part of the reason for the slow company growth! Perhaps like many of you here, I enjoy business but am not really about capital. I have also a few hobbies, some of which have been a little neglected since starting the business:

  • Coding side-projects (github)
  • Promoting horizontalist thinking and class consciousness (
  • Photography (myspace ā€“ yes, it still exists!)
  • Bedroom DJing (mixcloud / soundcloud /
  • Boardsports (skating, surfing, skimboarding, etc.)

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As with my hobbies, I have also been neglecting online communities more than Iā€™d like since starting the business. That said, I really hope to get sucked in by this one because those of you I have spoken to so far seem really on-top of your stuff and it would be great to get to know you all better. I get the vibe here that we all may be cut from the same cloth :slight_smile: