Our new www.coops.tech Jekyll website

I have created a static archive of the WordPress site and I have enabled directory listing for the uploads directory in case people need to find file attachments (images).

I have added a sentance to the WordPress wiki page to explain that the page is out of date and I have created a new website wiki page which could do with some help documentation adding to it.

I had United Diversity read to publish as a draft on the WordPress website… and just wanted to go and publish it now, but now realise the WordPress site is no longer. How can I get United Diversity added to the site now (together with all the related clients - and their logos, services, and technologies)? Thanks!

I’m not sure that anyone has managed to add or edit content on the site since the switch away from WordPress so if you are up for it we could use this as an opportunity to improve the help documentation, could you start on the web site wiki page and see how far you can get?

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I’d already looked there and got as far as reading the README and thinking “this is a bit beyond me”/ “I don’t have the capacity to invest the time to learn loads of new stuff just to do this” :-/

OK, then post the content you want added to the site to this forum or the wiki and hopefully someone else will be able to do it for you.

Is all the data from the old WordPress lost or still available somewhere? I’d already posted it all there (including uploading client logos etc).

As I said in the top post in this thread:

Do you have access to the Nextcloud server?

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Understood that editing markdown using git is a bit more involved than the previous process, I’ll hopefully have chance to work on some additional docs at the sheffield event.

In the meantime happy to help you get your content on to the site - just post it here and I’ll sort it.


Indeed I do, thanks.

Had a look at the uploads and all client logos I’d uploaded are all the ones uploaded on 3 May in the 2018/05 folder.

I’d also add:




Can’t remember which services/ tech I’d previously selected but these should do it:


  • Branding and Identify
  • Community Building
  • Consultancy
  • Graphic Design
  • Idea generation
  • Mentoring
  • Research
  • Strategy
  • Web Design


  • Discourse
  • Drupal
  • WordPress

That’ll do for now. BTW, spotted that Python is listed twice at http://coops.tech/#technologies

Also note that there are no obvious links to this forum from http://coops.tech/ and I think there ought to be :slight_smile:

Wonderful, thanks @chrislowis! See above post :slight_smile:

Here you go! United Diversity « CoTech « Cooperative Technologists

That’s brilliant, many thanks @chrislowis!

However, there lots more client logos to add too:

(which are all in backup on next cloud server).

Want to grab them from there or want me to add them all to this thread?

Thanks again :blush:

I also note that the United Diversity and graphics.coop logos could do with being vertically centered here (they all could really but especially noticeable with those) WordPress « CoTech « Cooperative Technologists

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Yeah, that’d be great thanks. I couldn’t work out the company names from the logos/filenames, and there’s a bunch of different sizes too. If you could upload them here as PNG files please, named, for example, “go-free-range.png” that’d save me some work.

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The site now supports SVG images with a fall back to PNG — if SVG versions are available best add these and a PNG version and clients with SVG support will get the smaller SVG images, see:

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Here you go @chrislowis:

















I’ve linked all the images through to the relevant website too, although I’ve just realised that we don’t appear to actually link to clients.

Many thanks!

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Cheers for pointing this out, it has been fixed and updated on the dev site WordPress « CoTech « Cooperative Technologists

Thanks for all the client images, I believe I have added them all here: United Diversity « CoTech « Cooperative Technologists

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Brilliant, thanks @chris!

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Somehow I forgot GCDA’s logo:


Could you add that to United Diversity clients too please @chris? :slight_smile:

Done, also added to the Webarchitects page since we host the site :slight_smile:.

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