Our new www.coops.tech Jekyll website


At the hack on Friday we retired the WordPress website and replaced it with a Jekyll one:

There are lots of issues we need to pick up and in case anyone needs a copy of the old site I have created a WordPress-Backup directory in the shared CoTech directory on our Nextcloud server in which there is a .gz of the SQL database and a .tgz of the uploaded files. Also I won’t delete the old hosting accounts straight away so if your SSH public had previously been uploaded you can still access the server via ssh cotech@webarch1.co.uk.

This thread could perhaps be used for raising and discussion issues arising from the switch over (it might be better to post them on git.coop but I realises that this forum is more accessible for most people).


I have created a static archive of the WordPress site and I have enabled directory listing for the uploads directory in case people need to find file attachments (images).

I have added a sentance to the WordPress wiki page to explain that the page is out of date and I have created a new website wiki page which could do with some help documentation adding to it.