Opening the Commons: Technology, Leadership and Organisation in conversation with Michael Hardt on Assembly

Michael Hardt joins us at Space4 for a conversation on his new book Assembly with Antonio Negri. As well as book itself, we’ll be exploring the topics raised by his work with Negri since 1999’s Empire: leadership and strategy in contemporary social movements, non-hierarchical organising, the digital economy in capitalism, historical organisational precedents, the idea of the “entrepreneurship of the multitude”, the commons versus property relations, open source and free software, immaterial labour, precarity and more.

This event is facilitated by Outlandish: a non-hierarchical workers cooperative that re-invests its profit democratically in positive social change. It is hosted at Space4 in Finsbury Park, a space dedicated to bringing together like-minded organisations in their aim to harness technology for social good and social change.

Michael Hardt teaches at Duke University, where he is Director of the Social Movements Lab. Antonio Negri has taught at the University of Padua and University of Paris VIII. They are best known for the Empire trilogy: Empire (2000), Multitude (2004), and Commonwealth (2009). They are also authors most recently of Declaration (2012).

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