Open Source Human Resource Managaement Software

At the Workers Co-op Weekend, which finished earlier today, we started having an interesting discussion about HR software for wholesale and retail food co-ops, I did a quick search and found a few options which look like they would be worth evaluating.


Released under the GPL, OrangeHRM looks like it would be worth considering, the install looks straight forward.


Also released under the GPL, Sentrifugo looks like another option to consider, against the install looks simple.

I could install either or both of these for people to have a play with if there is an interest. What other options are there?


An option that I’m aware of is CiviHR. It is essentially an extension (or a suite of extensions and modules) that plug into the CivCRM/Drupal framework. More on the CiviHR application at - where there is also an online demo and lots of other useful information. It is all FLOSS, and developed by some of the key people within the CiviCRM community. The user base look like the right sort of organisations in terms of broad cultural fit. It is developed specifically for the use of third sector organisations.

Whilst I’ve got no direct experience of working with CiviHR per se, I do have a decade of knowledge working with CiviCRM/Drupal and would be happy to do some work if this option was considered a decent fit with the requirements of the group.