Open Right Group: ORGCON19

Webarchitects are Corporate Supporters of the Open Rights Group and I’m going to try to get to their conference this year, 13th July 2019, Friends House, London:

Is anyone else thinking of going?

Just received this email:

We are pleased to announce our June ORGCon ticket sale! For one week only (until Thursday 13 June) we are offering £10 tickets! We have a limited number - get yours today.

The code you need to access this discount is JuneSale2019.

Are you able to go Chris? And encourage one or two from CoTech to go?
It’s a good price :slight_smile:


Yes, I’ll take one of our free tickets, there is another available for a members of Webarchitects and lots of the co-ops in CoTech are, so shout if you want one!

Nice one! I’ve booked one, will see about others in Animorph. See you there and hopefully before then… this eve?

Great, yes I’ll be at the party tonight.

Im going! I actually have a £5 link if anyone’s feeling skint.

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I’m going too, wooo. CoTech party at ORGCON :crazy_face:

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I’ll be there, possibly with other GNers

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