Open Making Society

Hey all! I know there are some entrepreneur/cooperatives in this forum or you probably know of someone that fits the profile so maybe this is of interest:

Do you have a design for an everyday product that is fit for the future? Would you like to see it scaled, manufactured and brought to life as part of an exciting new programme? The Open Making Society is a design competition to bring Open Source, Circular making to life and put it in the hands of local communities. To find out more and get involved, follow this link #design #sustainability #circulareconomy #opensource #society #Materiom


This is being run by the Participatory City crowd.

More details here, :smiley:

Next Information session is 8th of January, 1300-1400.


Anyone interested in collaborating on some OSHW designs?


Just FYI this is for physical making and not software so maybe among your clients!

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Physical making is what i do. :smiley:

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Just an FYI to bump this thread.

The next information session is taking place this Friday, from 1300-1400.

Final deadline for the Call is 15th of January.

We are now focusing on hiring someone on the food/baking track!

If any of you know someone interested in food production? We want to spin out small worker coops but we need someone knowledgeable in the food sector! We're Hiring — Participatory City

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