Open Data Services - Data Systems Developer & Web App Developer jobs - Closing date 19th Feb

Open Data Services are recruiting! Two new roles - a Data Systems Developer and a Web Application Developer - full details are at . Please do share with anyone you think may be interested!

We work with open data standards for social impact, including international aid, government procurement and UK philanthropy. It’s exciting stuff, and our developers are at the heart of it. We all work remotely, and provide support for co-working space if required.

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Oh wow, that’s some really good work you’re doing. :muscle:

Could you share your Github Organisation, I’d love to check it out and contribute where possible.

Cool! I see that you have a Twitter account, could you please share a tweet with the job offer? We’ll be happy to spread the news. :muscle:

Thanks! And sure - we’re

If you’d like to get involved, do PM me - while all of our projects are open source, not all of them can readily receive contributions

Thanks @enricostn :slight_smile:

I’ve put a quick tweet up at and we’ll have more going out over the next week.

Suggestions of good places we should be sharing the role are really welcome too