Open Co-op Webinar 4pm today (Thurs 30th)

Members here may be interested in the series of webinars being organised by the Open Co-op if you are not already aware. Clearly there’s no shortage of online events available currently, and some of us may already be struggling with webinar-fatigue, but these stand out for me as being relevant to what this group is all about. Today - April 30th there is one focussing on the Digital Life Collective. (Full disclosure: I’m the current chair of the Digital Life Collective, so forgive the plug). The Digital Life Collective is a UK-registered co-operative society, with several hundred members from around the world. Its focus has been to bring together people with insight and knowledge about how we use and relate to technology, about how important it is that we can trust the technology that we do use, and how we might bring about a situation where we can have agency and trust with respect to the tech we use.

As part of the work of the Collective, it has brought together some useful tools that help to enable rich conversations to flow within the membership. We’ve since opened those tools up for others to use, on a purely experimental and non-commercial basis, partly as a way to bring other groups and collectives into the space so that we can work on how we can enable communications not only within groups, but between them.

This cross-fertilisation of information and ecosystem-thinking is, I believe, critically important in the creation of wider co-operation at scale, breaking down factions and repairing fragmentation, and exploring the massive untapped potential of what we might call the “adjacent possible”.

Anyway, if you’d like to find out a bit more, the webinar is free, you can register for it here:, and it starts at 4pm today (Thursday 30th April).