OPEN 2019 Community Gathering

Hi All,
The OPEN event is back - but will be less of a conference, more of an open space this year…

We have already got some great ‘lightening talks’ planned from Aragon Project, Startin Blox, The Commons Transition Primer, and other collaborative projects… But the rest of the two days is up for the attendees to define… the “Calling question” for this year’s event is: How can we support each other to take more effective action to catalyse the collaborative, regenerative economy?

It would be lovely to see some of you there :wink:

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Hi CoTechers,
Hope some of you can make it to OPEN this year - we have StartinBlox and a few other DAO and tech folks coming - here’s some of the lightning talks we have planned, but the rest will be open space designed in a ‘dotmocracy’ style with Phoebe and Nati from Enspiral so should be good :wink:

  • Introducing Distributed Cooperative Organizations (DisCOs)
  • Software for cooperation
  • Cooperation among Cooperatives: How to foster an Ecosystem of Platform Coops
  • The Murmurations Plugin
  • From Brexit to Extinction Rebellion and beyond – Citizens Action Networks
  • Making time to be
  • Building a movement
  • Using Mutual Credit to undermine the monopoly of the banking cartel
  • Developing a platform co-op fund
  • P2P Models: prototyping organizations to challenge the collaborative economy
  • Open source tools for humans to organize

There are a limited number of free tickets for OPEN2019, first-come-first served, thanks to SolidFund:

I’m sorry that I can’t make it this year, the sessions look great, I hope it goes well :slight_smile:


Unfortunately, the members of Animorph cannot make it this year, to much on at the moment. Last year was great and hope you will continue the process so we can attend in the future. In the meantime, we’d be very curious to hear about the outcomes of OPEN 2019. Enjoy!

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Thanks @SzczepanOfAnimorph we’ll miss you ! :cry: but will try and capture all the magic to share with everyone :star_struck:

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Last free ticket to OPEN 2019 is still up for grabs - see here if you would like to apply

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I can’t get to this event either this year, but it was a great couple of days last year, despite the heat. Keen to hear what happens, and hope that at least some of the conversations will be recorded.

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